Things I’ve Found episode 2

Behold my latest find: People Who Are Invited To Me And Henry’s Birthday Party Yay!

I found this outside of a school in Highland park, while walking to meet a friend for coffee. It was folded into 16ths, soaking in a puddle of melted snow, which made it extremely delicate and difficult to open. I carried it about by the corners until I got to the coffee shop, which was packed to the gills. So while my friend and I waited for a table, I slowly picked it apart to reveal the list above. The shop just got busier, so we decided to walk about a mile to another one. I held it by the corners as we walked and the chilly wind slowly dried it out. Boy were my digits cold!

Normally, I would scan this, but I wanted to show the rips and tears. I love the heart drawn for the girls’ list and the skull for the boys’. Not to mention that they list the original birthday as well as the date of the party. The handwriting appears to be a girl’s and my guess is that this party is for a set of fraternal twins, because of the shared birthday.

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