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Orbs of Power page 15

page 15Wait…Anuket knows Nekron? Drama!

This page is one of the more risque things I’ve ever done (besides Chicken Head Tricks) but I think it turned out well. Only one more page to go before the end of Issue #1. I will be inking it today and working on the full color cover, too!



Anuket Character Sketch

No new Orbs page today, folks. But here is a tasty tidbit to keep you going. This is Anuket, one of my favorite Orbs characters.  Anuket is crazy, tough, and a stone cold killer. You may notice she does not carry a weapon. Her ‘signature move” is disarming her opponents and running them through with their own weapons. It took a while for me to decide on a costume for her and my favorite part is the spikey shell on her shoulder.

A side note for this week: I will be feverishly working to finish the Enrich saga and make a cover so it can debut in print at a trade show in two weeks so stay tuned! You can check out the adventure in progress at Enrich’s website: http://www.coppersilver.com/legionaires/lee-ginnella/

Orbs of Power (page 1)

Orbs of Power page 1

Oh man. I had wisdom tooth surgery last week and I thought I would be making a comic about wisdom teeth. But instead, I worked on this! It’s a brand new page for the Orbs of Power comic that I have been kicking around starting again. I attempted this project last year, but I just wasn’t ready yet. I’m not making any promises here, but it is alot of fun to draw these characters again and I’m really excited about the new pages.

This page will follow a two page intro which you can see here:

Page 1: http://shieldsink.deviantart.com/art/Orbs-of-Power-Intro-p-1-202675838?q=gallery%3Ashieldsink%2F9974756&qo=54

Page2: http://shieldsink.deviantart.com/art/Orbs-of-Power-Intro-p-2-202676298

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