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Sketch: Cro-Magnon DJ

cromagnon dj sketch Hey there! Here is a sketch of an upcoming drawing of a Cro-Magnon DJ.  I got the idea while talking about the history of music with friends. There’s more to it than just his face, but you have to wait for the final drawing :)

Otherwise, I am hard at work at 3 commission pieces plus a couple comics so stay tuned!


Anuket Character Sketch

No new Orbs page today, folks. But here is a tasty tidbit to keep you going. This is Anuket, one of my favorite Orbs characters.  Anuket is crazy, tough, and a stone cold killer. You may notice she does not carry a weapon. Her ‘signature move” is disarming her opponents and running them through with their own weapons. It took a while for me to decide on a costume for her and my favorite part is the spikey shell on her shoulder.

A side note for this week: I will be feverishly working to finish the Enrich saga and make a cover so it can debut in print at a trade show in two weeks so stay tuned! You can check out the adventure in progress at Enrich’s website: http://www.coppersilver.com/legionaires/lee-ginnella/