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Real Life shieldsink


You may have noticed a lack of new comics on my site over the past couple of weeks and I apologize. It’s because I am getting married! And we are planning the wedding in one month (with 2 and a half weeks to go). So my free time is consumed with planning and soon with crafts. But stay tuned towards the middle of October for more comics!

Orbs of Power page 5

A new page for the Orbs series!! This is the first page where the characters really interact, so I wanted to keep the backgrounds minimal (or non existent as it turned out). I’m so happy to finally be getting down to the dialog. My favorite part of these comics are the characters and their interactions with each other. And there are plenty more to come!

Orbs of Power (page 1)

Orbs of Power page 1

Oh man. I had wisdom tooth surgery last week and I thought I would be making a comic about wisdom teeth. But instead, I worked on this! It’s a brand new page for the Orbs of Power comic that I have been kicking around starting again. I attempted this project last year, but I just wasn’t ready yet. I’m not making any promises here, but it is alot of fun to draw these characters again and I’m really excited about the new pages.

This page will follow a two page intro which you can see here:

Page 1: http://shieldsink.deviantart.com/art/Orbs-of-Power-Intro-p-1-202675838?q=gallery%3Ashieldsink%2F9974756&qo=54

Page2: http://shieldsink.deviantart.com/art/Orbs-of-Power-Intro-p-2-202676298

Feedback is very welcome!

Snoop Nevi Nev

Neville, my zany Bearded Dragon, fell asleep on his rock house with his legs and beard dangling off the edges. He reminded me of Snoopy, so here he is complete with a cricket “Woodstock”. I’ve raised Neville since he was a hatchling. He has alot of heart, a big personality, and he likes to laze about with one eye open sometimes. Sorry dog and cat lovers, but beardies make the cutest pets!

(Note:  you should never let crickets crawl on your reptile in real life. They bite!)