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Goblin Breakfast

eatin bugs panelsHey there! Here are 4 panels from an upcoming anthology I am working on with my artist collective, Apocalobster. The theme is Love and Monsters, and we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to publish it in a month or so. We will have comics, music, stickers, shrits and so much more.  These panels are from my comic (as of yet untitled) about a goblin who falls in love and depict a goblin breakfast. Stay tuned for more sketches and updates on the project. l will definitely be posting links to the Kickstarter once it begins :)


Orbs of Power page 15

page 15Wait…Anuket knows Nekron? Drama!

This page is one of the more risque things I’ve ever done (besides Chicken Head Tricks) but I think it turned out well. Only one more page to go before the end of Issue #1. I will be inking it today and working on the full color cover, too!



Words and Phrases for Getting Arahnd Pittsburgh back on Etsy!

I just finished making a brand new batch of Pittsburgh books, which have been out of stock for a couple of months. As always, each 15 page book is hand painted and signed, and assembled with love! Get ’em while they’re hot!

Bearded Dragonborn

Two of my favorite things: Bearded Dragons and Skyrim! The challenge of this drawing was making the helmet fit on my lizard’s head. It’s what I imagine Neville would be like if she could wield a sword.

I’m surprised it took me this long to think of this drawing. I’ve been calling Neville my Little Dragonborn since the game came out. Neville is a scaly princess with an adventurous streak and I love drawing pictures of her. Here’s a link to another cartoon: http://www.shieldsink.com/?p=171

My Favorite Maury Quotes: Joe’s Workbench

Joe's Workbench

This is Joe, my all-time favorite Maury guest. For one of his appearances (and he made 6) he gave us a tour of his love nest, including his “workbench”. I inked this using my new lightbox :D

I’m making a small collection of my favorite Maury quotes, the ones I will never forget, so stay tuned!

Virginia is a People Name: Volume TWO!!



Behold the cover of my brand new collection of comics, which features three never-before-seen drawings! The cover is also an unpublished cartoon called “Flap Your Wingz!” and was inspired by Kirstie Alley. It is hand colored and hand sewn with turquoise thread. Drawn and assembled with love and care!

Check it out on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/97035989/virginia-is-a-people-name-volume-two