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Kirby Pixel Painting

I ┬ámade this for Erik’s birthday earlier this month. It’s a pixel painting of Kirby of video game fame. Originally I wanted to make a Chocobo, but I went with Kirby to surprise Erik. Kirby turned out pretty well, he has a couple of rough edges but overall I am pleased. I used acrylic paint on poster board and hand-mixed the colors. It’s still a bit wrinkly but a few days under some books will fix that :)

Zane Zane Zane Ouvrez le Chien

Confession time, dear reader. I love David Bowie. Alot. So here is a bit of Starman fan art. It’s a lyric from the song ‘All the Madmen”, which means “open the dog” in French. This song is actually what got me into Bowie; I was at a party when the host put on a record of The Man Who Sold the World and, by the time this song came on, I was completely engrossed in the music. It’s still one of my favorite albums.