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Sketch: Cro-Magnon DJ

cromagnon dj sketch Hey there! Here is a sketch of an upcoming drawing of a Cro-Magnon DJ.  I got the idea while talking about the history of music with friends. There’s more to it than just his face, but you have to wait for the final drawing :)

Otherwise, I am hard at work at 3 commission pieces plus a couple comics so stay tuned!


Side Quest: Portrait

Kitties web friendlyHey there! Here is another side quest-a portrait of two of my closest friends and their adorable kitty. I did this at request for Valentine’s Day. It’s hand inked and colored with watercolor pencils, which turned out alot better than I thought. I did the beard and the cat in regular colored pencils, too.

P.S. if you want a custom portrait or illustration, just send an email to vmshields@gmail.com or post a comment on the site!


Orbs of Power page 15

page 15Wait…Anuket knows Nekron? Drama!

This page is one of the more risque things I’ve ever done (besides Chicken Head Tricks) but I think it turned out well. Only one more page to go before the end of Issue #1. I will be inking it today and working on the full color cover, too!



Enrich Saga Cover

After a brief interruption in functionality, my stalwart laptop is back in action and I am pleased to present to you the cover for the Enrich Saga! The 4-page mini comic is nearly done and is slated for printing today or tomorrow. It will make its world debut at a trade show next week! I worked my little fingers to the bone last night finishing this and I can’t wait to see it in print. The final page of the comic will hit shieldsink.com next Tuesday (unless yinz want some Orbs instead).

As always, you can see the story so far at: http://www.coppersilver.com/legionaires/lee-ginnella/

Bearded Dragonborn

Two of my favorite things: Bearded Dragons and Skyrim! The challenge of this drawing was making the helmet fit on my lizard’s head. It’s what I imagine Neville would be like if she could wield a sword.

I’m surprised it took me this long to think of this drawing. I’ve been calling Neville my Little Dragonborn since the game came out. Neville is a scaly princess with an adventurous streak and I love drawing pictures of her. Here’s a link to another cartoon: http://www.shieldsink.com/?p=171