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Goodbye Starman

I’m still reeling from the news. David Bowie is my absolute favorite musician. He inspired me in so many ways. He made it ok to be weird, to be yourself. I was fortunate enough to see the David Bowie Is exhibit last year and bask in all his costumes, walking through the show with the biggest smile on my face. I’m working on some kind of tribute art, but it might take some time. Listening to his songs is tough right now, although Blackstar is incredible and was meant to be listened to now in our collective grief. I truely wasn’t expecting his death to effect me so deeply. For now, please enjoy these drawings from the past few years.

Zane Zane Zane Ouvrez le Chien

Confession time, dear reader. I love David Bowie. Alot. So here is a bit of Starman fan art. It’s a lyric from the song ‘All the Madmen”, which means “open the dog” in French. This song is actually what got me into Bowie; I was at a party when the host put on a record of The Man Who Sold the World and, by the time this song came on, I was completely engrossed in the music. It’s still one of my favorite albums.