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Bearded Dragonborn

Two of my favorite things: Bearded Dragons and Skyrim! The challenge of this drawing was making the helmet fit on my lizard’s head. It’s what I imagine Neville would be like if she could wield a sword.

I’m surprised it took me this long to think of this drawing. I’ve been calling Neville my Little Dragonborn since the game came out. Neville is a scaly princess with an adventurous streak and I love drawing pictures of her. Here’s a link to another cartoon: http://www.shieldsink.com/?p=171

Snoop Nevi Nev

Neville, my zany Bearded Dragon, fell asleep on his rock house with his legs and beard dangling off the edges. He reminded me of Snoopy, so here he is complete with a cricket “Woodstock”. I’ve raised Neville since he was a hatchling. He has alot of heart, a big personality, and he likes to laze about with one eye open sometimes. Sorry dog and cat lovers, but beardies make the cutest pets!

(Note:  you should never let crickets crawl on your reptile in real life. They bite!)