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Sketch: Cro-Magnon DJ

cromagnon dj sketch Hey there! Here is a sketch of an upcoming drawing of a Cro-Magnon DJ.  I got the idea while talking about the history of music with friends. There’s more to it than just his face, but you have to wait for the final drawing :)

Otherwise, I am hard at work at 3 commission pieces plus a couple comics so stay tuned!


Side Quest: Portrait

Kitties web friendlyHey there! Here is another side quest-a portrait of two of my closest friends and their adorable kitty. I did this at request for Valentine’s Day. It’s hand inked and colored with watercolor pencils, which turned out alot better than I thought. I did the beard and the cat in regular colored pencils, too.

P.S. if you want a custom portrait or illustration, just send an email to or post a comment on the site!