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I have been called many things – Victoria, Veronica, YOU…REDHEAD!

But I prefer Virginia, which is a People Name first, and a State Name second (seriously, look up Virginia Dare).

I’m a comics artist from Pittsburgh, PA. For as long as I can remember, I was drawing out little stories and comic strips. I was that kid at recess hunched over a pad and paper, furiously drawing.

My mother took me to cartooning classes when I was young, and I graduated from Public School Art Class, but otherwise I am self taught.

I learned proportions by drawing from photographs of people. I would make a little tick-marks on a strip of paper and count how many tick marks from one point to another in the photo, then apply that to my drawing.

After many years of trying to draw realistically, I went back to drawing comics. But instead of strips, I made books.

At first they were about Xena, but soon I wanted my own characters, so I started drawing the Orbs of Power.Except back then it was called “Kandora: Sorceress of Justice”. The story wasn’t much different than it is now, just much, much less fleshed out.

I have self-published 4 comics over the past few years and am currently working on more drawings and stories. I like video games, science fiction, old music and, of course, comics.

Want me to make a drawing for you? Just send me a message or make a donation and describe your drawing in the ‘purpose’ box!IMG_2040

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jeanne

    I would like to see the next Orbs comic. BUT, your sense of humor is so unique that I REALLY like your individual comics instead of a serial. You know I have ADD.

    1. shieldsink

      Thanks! I do have a couple of short funny cartoons in the works so I will try to post them in the coming weeks!


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