Monthly Archives: June 2012

Anuket Character Sketch

No new Orbs page today, folks. But here is a tasty tidbit to keep you going. This is Anuket, one of my favorite Orbs characters.  Anuket is crazy, tough, and a stone cold killer. You may notice she does not carry a weapon. Her ‘signature move” is disarming her opponents and running them through with their own weapons. It took a while for me to decide on a costume for her and my favorite part is the spikey shell on her shoulder.

A side note for this week: I will be feverishly working to finish the Enrich saga and make a cover so it can debut in print at a trade show in two weeks so stay tuned! You can check out the adventure in progress at Enrich’s website:

Orbs of Power page 5

A new page for the Orbs series!! This is the first page where the characters really interact, so I wanted to keep the backgrounds minimal (or non existent as it turned out). I’m so happy to finally be getting down to the dialog. My favorite part of these comics are the characters and their interactions with each other. And there are plenty more to come!

Bearded Dragonborn

Two of my favorite things: Bearded Dragons and Skyrim! The challenge of this drawing was making the helmet fit on my lizard’s head. It’s what I imagine Neville would be like if she could wield a sword.

I’m surprised it took me this long to think of this drawing. I’ve been calling Neville my Little Dragonborn since the game came out. Neville is a scaly princess with an adventurous streak and I love drawing pictures of her. Here’s a link to another cartoon: