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The Orbs of Power page 3

I just finished inking page 3 of the Orbs of Power, which took a little hiatus last week so I could highlight my Super Haters guest strips. So for next week, I am thinking of either doing page 4 or re-inking the original 2 page intro that sets the global scene. Post a comment and let me know what you want to see!

Sorry this is a teensy bit crooked! I crop each page with a paper cutter so it fits well on my scanner and this one came out a little off…

Orbs of Power (page 1)

Orbs of Power page 1

Oh man. I had wisdom tooth surgery last week and I thought I would be making a comic about wisdom teeth. But instead, I worked on this! It’s a brand new page for the Orbs of Power comic that I have been kicking around starting again. I attempted this project last year, but I just wasn’t ready yet. I’m not making any promises here, but it is alot of fun to draw these characters again and I’m really excited about the new pages.

This page will follow a two page intro which you can see here:

Page 1:


Feedback is very welcome!