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The Secretary Suit

The Secretary Suit. For the discerning administrative mercenary.

I recently started a part-time/temp job in which I am overhauling a company’s filing system. I don’t have a real office space, outside of the filing cabinet where I lock up my purse, so I carry all my supplies in a little plastic tub as I roam around the office. In my first week, I must have gotten a thousand tiny paper cuts and broke most of my nails.¬†Thus, the Secretary Suit was born. It has bandoliers loaded with paperclips and binder clips; a utility belt sporting pens, labels and post-its; a Stapletron 10,000 holstered and at the ready; and state of the art filing gloves.

Enrich page 2

The action continues as we join the Enrich team on their latest assignment! We get a peek at the copper/silver ionization cannons they use to take on Lee Ginnella and his goons. If you don’t recognize him, Erik is the fellow with the glasses. He has also served as my consultant for this project, which has been helpful. The other man is Aaron, who is a big supporter of shieldsink and the reason I get to draw these pages. So, thanks, guys!! ¬†

Enrich page 1

This is the first in a series of comic book pages I am making for a Pittsburgh company called Enrich. They work in industrial water purification (to prevent Legionnaires disease) and they are awesome. The comic will follow the Enrich team (featuring my own personal hero and comic counterpart Erik) as they fight Lee Ginnella, a giant, evil Legionnella bent on world domination.