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Things I’ve Found episode 2

Behold my latest find: People Who Are Invited To Me And Henry’s Birthday Party Yay!

I found this outside of a school in Highland park, while walking to meet a friend for coffee. It was folded into 16ths, soaking in a puddle of melted snow, which made it extremely delicate and difficult to open. I carried it about by the corners until I got to the coffee shop, which was packed to the gills. So while my friend and I waited for a table, I slowly picked it apart to reveal the list above. The shop just got busier, so we decided to walk about a mile to another one. I held it by the corners as we walked and the chilly wind slowly dried it out. Boy were my digits cold!

Normally, I would scan this, but I wanted to show the rips and tears. I love the heart drawn for the girls’ list and the skull for the boys’. Not to mention that they list the original birthday as well as the date of the party. The handwriting appears to be a girl’s and my guess is that this party is for a set of fraternal twins, because of the shared birthday.

Snoop Nevi Nev

Neville, my zany Bearded Dragon, fell asleep on his rock house with his legs and beard dangling off the edges. He reminded me of Snoopy, so here he is complete with a cricket “Woodstock”. I’ve raised Neville since he was a hatchling. He has alot of heart, a big personality, and he likes to laze about with one eye open sometimes. Sorry dog and cat lovers, but beardies make the cutest pets!

(Note:  you should never let crickets crawl on your reptile in real life. They bite!)


True story…
I’m almost always cold so I wear alot of layers and scarves in the winter. I don’t know what was more incredulous: the fact that my co-worker thought I was pregnant or her exclamation of “Thank God!”. I mean, what if I had been pregnant and excited about it? Either way, it was a great foot in mouth moment.

And don’t even get me started on the squeezing…

Things I’ve Found episode 1

If we Shields’ have any tradition, it’s retrieving lost objects. We always keep an eye on the ground, mostly looking for spare change or the occasional stray dollar bill. My parents even play a game when they go walking in which the person who finds the most change gets to pick where they eat dinner. But it’s not all about the cash. Tosselcaps, shirts, gloves, keychains, and miscellaneous trinkets have all been “picked” and brought home.

My favorite things to find, however, are discarded notes. This one is by far my favorite. I found it in my neighborhood, lying on the sidewalk in the rain. It was once the back of a small spiral notebook, which I also found, but that was nearly disintegrated. It’s so cute and sweet! I really hope Donovan told Anna how he feels…


John Quinones is Watching You


I was watching What Would You Do? on TV when my boyfriend got the idea for this drawing. I don’t always watch the show, but it seemed like this was the first episode in which people did the right thing because they thought they might be on camera. That’s not really a bad thing, but what does it say about us that it takes a TV show to make people help each other?

Zane Zane Zane Ouvrez le Chien

Confession time, dear reader. I love David Bowie. Alot. So here is a bit of Starman fan art. It’s a lyric from the song ‘All the Madmen”, which means “open the dog” in French. This song is actually what got me into Bowie; I was at a party when the host put on a record of The Man Who Sold the World and, by the time this song came on, I was completely engrossed in the music. It’s still one of my favorite albums.