Goodbye Starman

I’m still reeling from the news. David Bowie is my absolute favorite musician. He inspired me in so many ways. He made it ok to be weird, to be yourself. I was fortunate enough to see the David Bowie Is exhibit last year and bask in all his costumes, walking through the show with the biggest smile on my face. I’m working on some kind of tribute art, but it might take some time. Listening to his songs is tough right now, although Blackstar is incredible and was meant to be listened to now in our collective grief. I truely wasn’t expecting his death to effect me so deeply. For now, please enjoy these drawings from the past few years.

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Orbs of Power RPG

Let me cut to the chase:  I am making an Orbs of Power videogame.

Part of the reason I have been so cloak-and-dagger about the game is I fear that by announcing it I won’t finish it. But now I’m throwing superstition to the wind! Dashing doubts upon the rocks of motivation!

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Dialog screen. Look familiar?

The game is an old-school style RPG with hand drawn avatars and full-screen (full color!) drawings. I am using RPG Maker VX Ace (VXA) to build it, which is a wonderful program available in Steam.

I have been working on it for about a year, with well over 300 hours logged, including making drawings.

At this point, I am half-way through the plot. My last full playthrough totaled 2.5 hours and I hope to make the final game 5-6 hours long. As of now, there are 2 bosses, dozens of random baddies (all hand drawn, too), 4 towns, and 2 puzzle levels. It is quite story-heavy with lots of text and no voices. Old school all the way!

party in town

Customized tile for the town of ‘Hepsternia”

Luckily, VXA provides everything one might need to make an RPG, particularly tiles. “Tiles” in VXA are the building blocks for everything seen in the game (floors, walls, objects) and VXA allows full customization/modification for all of them.

I’ve been “modding” the tiles I use to give the game and the individual levels a unique look. It’s been a glorious challenge figuring out how to create objects and animations for the game using the program’s parameters. The robust VXA community has been great, too, answering my questions patiently as I delve deeper into customizing.

I’m really excited to be finally working on the second half of the story, much of which has never been written down before. There are a few twists and secrets that I’ve been carefully building up to and I can’t wait to make them pay off.

That being said, I’ve still got at least another year ahead of me (accounting for real life and sleeping) before the game is finished. I’ll be posting little updates with more images from the game as I go along.

Thanks & Cheers!



Sketch: Cro-Magnon DJ

cromagnon dj sketch Hey there! Here is a sketch of an upcoming drawing of a Cro-Magnon DJ.  I got the idea while talking about the history of music with friends. There’s more to it than just his face, but you have to wait for the final drawing :)

Otherwise, I am hard at work at 3 commission pieces plus a couple comics so stay tuned!